Open Bedrijven Dag 2022

We are participating! You will come too, won't you?

Who we are

Ever read the fine print on a coupon? Or read the terms and conditions when you entered an online game to win that one fabulous prize of your favourite brand? Well, chances are you will find HighCo DATA Benelux there.

HighCo Data Benelux has been active in promotional marketing for over 30 years. For example, we create and process discount coupons, we develop online games, refund actions (the so-called cashback actions), competitions, savings actions, ... We do this for distributors or retailers such as Carrefour and Delhaize, but also for many manufacturers of almost all consumer products. HighCo DATA Benelux is also part of the French HighCo Group, which itself is part of the world's largest communications company WPP. 





What we stand for

HighCo DATA is an expert in data marketing and communication. We are constantly innovating to help support the challenges of future business. Innovation has been the driving force of the group and the daily guideline for our employees from the very beginning. HighCo Group relies on start-ups to try out new promotional concepts.

We are convinced that innovation is a core value that is propagated by all employees. Exchanging views with external or internal Group experts on new challenges, new solutions and exchanging experiences to learn and stay informed together is in our DNA. The impact of our activities on society and customer satisfaction also play a crucial role. We are guided by our passion: our passion for promotion, for our customers and for excellence. 




What we do

HighCo DATA Benelux's main activity is processing all the coupons circulating in the Belgian market. You may not have known it, but a discount coupon really has a value, just like money. Their distribution and processing is therefore also done according to strict rules, so that you, the consumer, can redeem your voucher everywhere and enjoy the discount that the manufacturer offers you.

Fun is also never far away at HighCo DATA. You could say that organising online games and competitions, both digital and on paper, is in our DNA. Sending the prizes to the lucky winners, taking care of the customer service after and during a game, are all part of the job. Promotions often also mean letting people taste or try out a product. HighCo DATA helps brands here by begging for product samples. We can do this through national mailing campaigns.

Ever received a waffle in your mailbox? Or a nice piece of chocolate? Well HighCo DATA might be behind it. Finally, we also regularly take care of the savings campaigns of various clients. Again, both online and with paper saving cards, we ensure that your loyalty to a brand can be rewarded. Fun right? 



What you can't miss

We open the doors wide for you, so you can follow the path of a discount coupon all the way through. You will see that this little piece of paper travels a long way to make your final bill in the shop just a little bit lighter. Every little bit counts, right? We'll take a look at the development of online games, give you some information about the history of discount vouchers and who the players are in this whole thing. And give you a glimpse into the future of promotions. 




Did you know?

Did you know that Belgium is the European country par excellence when it comes to the use of discount coupons? With some 25 million coupons used by Belgian consumers in 2021, in addition to the brilliant promotions that also take place at retailers, it's safe to say that manufacturers and distributors like to spoil consumers with a discount here and there.