" How can I boost loyalty
through emotional involvement ? "

CRM programme

A CRM PROGRAM with proper content and promotions will increase consumer involvement. A saving program with nice gifts to collect will also have this impact.

Competitions and games

It can be an effective way of involving your consumers in your brand experience. Creates a strong relation between the brands and your consumers.


A free gift sent by post or by e-mail if digital, will please your consumers and increase their involvement. If the gift is well chosen and linked to your brand, you can boost the image of your product.

" How can I attract and involve
ambassadors and influencers ? "


A CRM program allows you to identify your most active consumers and move them into a specific program. E-coupons, cashbacks, free samples…will ensure that their involvement in your brand remains high and that they advocate it.


You can collect positive quotes though most of the promotional tools (e-coupons, cashback, contest, game, satisfied or money back). A 'satisfied AND money back' is a campaign is an effective way of collecting positive quotes and testimonials and identifying potential ambassadors.

HighCoData will advise you, depending on your market and your problem, on the best way to implement your refund offer. We adapt our solutions to your problems (market penetration, up-sell, etc.) and together, we find the most relevant solution for your needs.

" How can I
retain customers ? "

CRM program with e-coupons

A CRM program with e-coupons promotions allows you to measure your consumers’ activity and to detect when some are churning. You can than increase the promotional pressure on those consumers with paper coupons, e-coupons or cashback (partial or on the 2nd/3rd product).


Paper or digital coupons will reduce the price difference between your brand and private labels without lowering the quality perception (contrary to a permanent price reduction).

Cashback on the 2nd/3rd product

For products with a high purchase frequency, cashback on the 2nd/3rd product is also an option. When you give your consumers something, they will be more likely to think of you the next time they’re looking to buy.

Contests and games

They will reinforce the consumer’s experience and move the battle away from the price war. Gamification is a qualitative alternative to e-commerce sites: offer a differentiating and attractive promotional experience for your customers and increase your consumer engagement rate. Or relaunch your hesitant customers in a fun way, to increase your conversion rate. A good contest has proven to be an extremely reliable promotional solution. This will drive traffic to your store.